Map IT from the Zaid Orniv Group specializes in developing, directing, and specifying business mapping systems




The Company specialize in providing end-to-end solutions for its customers in Israel in the areas of business mapping, from professional consulting in the world of GIS, through specifying geographical information systems, developing data systems using the world’s most advanced technologies in Net and Java environments, implementing projects, selling software licenses, maps, and geographical databases, and up to assimilating turn-key projects.

Map IT is a licensed marketer of Mapa and of the Center for Mapping Israel.

Map IT offers the business world a wide range of products, services and comprehensive solutions to make decision making in the organization  more efficient.

Map IT's partnership with MapInfo, owned by the Pitny Bowes Corporation, gives our customers  access to international products and projects, and access to vector and raster geographical databases around the world.

The Company’s management and professional team place the customer at the center of their thinking and guarantee professional, quality, efficient, and rapid service. Today MapInfo’s solutions and technologies can be found in all Israeli market sectors, such as: communications, retail, banking, defense, local authorities, water companies, system developers, transportation, and others.